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Stephen's story comes to life as his fascinating history is revealed for the first time in this unique collection of horror artefacts.

The file contains :
Aged map of the asylum where Stephen lives.
Patient notes.
Stephen print.
A set of 10 specially created Rorschach cards.
Letter from asylum.
Photographs of asylum interior.
Photocopies of newspaper articles.
Short story by Sean Walter.
Found drawing.
Stephen Under The Bed card.

Photographs and notes on Stephen's suitcase contents.

Other than the print and card, all artefacts are made in my studio so no two copies will look exactly the same.

The Stephen print is produced by a specialist giclee printer on beautiful paper using archive quality inks.
Print size 10" x 8" .

The files are an ongoing project - if you'd like copies sent to you by e-mail as more material is created please leave me your e-mail address at checkout. Additional material will be in printable j-peg form so you can print it out at home. You can read more about this project in Stephen's corner.

Stephen file and print horror collectable

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