The making of a monster

 Stephen likes corners and since he's the creation I get asked about more than any other, it seemed only fair that he had one here too. Except I didn't create him, he just sort of ...wandered in. To try and explain where he did come from, I began making artefacts containing clues to his origins and hopefully, a little taste of what it's like to be him.  His story has now become a project in its own right with contributions from friends and fellow artists/authors, some of which are shown below. The full file is available to buy and comes with free printable extras as it continues to grow. Of course, it didn't stop there and Stephen now has his own suitcase which you can peek in here.

Stephen print
Giclee print of Stephen - a beautiful art print of the monster himself. Dear old boy.
Stephen patient notes
Ward notes including a patient named Stephen.....
when researching the period Stephen was a patient, the Wellcome Library archive was an invaluable resource.
Stephen drawing
Primitive biro drawing on lined note paper.
Stephen story
Short story by the talented author Sean Walter featuring Stephen in his natural habitat.
Stephen asylum map
Map of Murk Mire Asylum. This map was created just for Stephen's file, it's uniquely his space.
Stephen Rorschach cards
Set of 10 unique Rorschach cards. Do I see a spider ?
Stephen newspaper article
Photocopy of newspaper article - monster sighting near abandoned asylum. One of two articles in the file, each adding more information and clues to the timeline of Stephen's story.
Stephen asylum photos
Urbex photos of abandoned asylum, the writing is on the wall !
Stephen letter research
Research letter from consultant psychiatrist. Stephen's file is written from the point of view of someone looking for the truth behind the sightings - much as I have done over the years.
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Whitby, North Yorkshire

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Stephen print

Giclee print of Stephen - a beautiful art print of the monster himself. Dear old boy.