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Courting Corvids!

I'm running a limited time crow project over on Kickstarter, raising funds to study my local crow species - including some ravens :) One off drawings, limited edition prints and bonus rewards only available during May. 

large crow 2.JPG

Commissions Open

Here to get something custom drawn? Check out my handy guide to commissioning artists by clicking the button below. I specialise in charcoal pencil art, drawing subjects including wildlife, landscapes, gothic and horror art. Payment plan available on request. 

Custom album cover drawing
Human skull drawing
Saltwick Bay Admiral van Tromp wreck drawing
Moon custom album cover
Rook pencil drawing work in progress
Hunted illustration
Scavengers mermaid illustration
Crow skull drawing


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Got here much faster than I expected and exceeded my expectations.


Fantastic drawing, I bought the crow, rook and jackdaw drawings and I'm so pleased with them. They were very well framed and look fabulous. A really, really talented artist!


One simply isn't enough..I'll be back for some more when I have space. Keep up the great work

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