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A series of charcoal pencil drawings taken from my own original photographs. Inspired by some pictures I'd taken when I lived in Cornwall, I expanded the theme to include landmarks in my current home town of Newcastle, as well as studio compositions. I ran it as a Kickstarter project as part of their Make 100 theme, and was delighted when it sold out - and then some! Here are the original artworks and drawing videos, I also have some limited edition prints for sale as I did extras for stretch rewards (for the uninitiated, that's when a project exceeds its original target and gets into bonus territory.) Each drawing occupies a 10cm square, the droplets themselves average out around 2cm across.

The originals are going on show at Newcastle Central Library in June, from Friday the 16th to Wednesday the 21st (closed Sunday). If you're planning to visit the show and want to say hello while you're here, or have questions about venue access etc, contact me . The library is fully accessible, and has a cafe on the ground floor.

A special thank you goes to the following people for their help in making all this happen - Chris Thurston,

Alex Sharif, Bridgett Eisler, L.G. Bentvelzen, Alinochka, Carol Carlson, Angela O'Neill, Joni Wiebesick, Leo & Devi, Shay Jeffery, Jay F Traver, Luke Ginchereau, Christine Phipps, Fran Pennarola, Carolyn Gullery, Gert Behrmann, Caroline McKinlay and, in memorium, Simon Hazlewood. Some of the originals have their own individual dedications from their new owners to loved ones, or messages which you can read as you flip through. 

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