Making a monster part 2

 As  Stephen's file grew, so did his collection of objects. For some time, there had been talk of him having a suitcase as psychiatric patients used to do, containing their treasures. Or, if you're Stephen, a collection of other peoples treasures picked up as he pads his way around the quiet corridors. Now he has one and is the first of my monsters to have actual closet space. Photographs of some of his prize pieces form part of the file contents.

Stephen's suitcase
Told you :) He really does have his own suitcase in the cupboard.
Stephen's marble
Someone once asked me if he's lonely. I don't think so, but I do sometimes wonder what he feels when he holds things like this ?
Stephen's spoon
No, I don't know what he does with it either....
Stephen's keys
Found by author Sean Walter. They might open one of the sheds in the asylum gardens.
Stephen's glasses
A present from his friend John Bedder. Stephen loves glasses and these came complete with a polishing cloth and newspaper cutting.
Stephen's book
An old journal or notebook - we don't know what's in it yet.....
Stephen's game
This has to be entertaining from his point of view, a box full of lovely tactile things. He can't read properly any more but maybe he knows this game
Stephen's postcard
Vintage postcard which seems to read 'I think of thee'
Stephen's people
Miniature figurine found in a corner of his suitcase
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Whitby, North Yorkshire

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