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A series of charcoal drawings taken from my own original photographs of interesting things reflected in a single droplet of water, capturing a moment in time. Inspired by some pictures I'd taken when I lived in Cornwall, I expanded the theme to include landmarks in my current home town of Newcastle, as well as studio compositions. All of the originals sold on Kickstarter within a month of release, along with the first batch of prints. By popular demand, I added to the series and the last few prints are now available to order. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Please note - these are currently on pre order, all sales of limited edition Reflections prints will go out with the first Kickstarter rewards over the next couple of weeks so please allow a few extra days on top of my usual delivery time.

The originals are going on show at Newcastle Central Library in June. You can also view all of the original charcoal pencil drawings and watch time lapse video of the drawings.

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