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On the case

Or rather, in the case. Those of you familiar with the story of Stephen and his file will know that for the last couple of years I've been revealing his life story through various artefacts. One of the most recent was this rather splendid suitcase.

Asylum patients would often take a suitcase containing their most valued possessions when admitted and as Stephen has a fascination with the things people leave lying around, this must have been irresistible. The question was, what on earth had he put in there ?

Well, in one mildewed corner sits a glasses case. Inside, a rather splendid pair of tortoiseshell frames with the lenses intact. I'm not sure what significance spectacles of all kinds have for Stephen - he lost his own human eyes a long time ago, though looking through these with his many archnid ones may produce an interesting effect.

Nor was that all - there's also an elderly cleaning cloth and a newspaper cutting with the names of horses and their respective races, their position at the finish line marked in blue pen down the side. I can't see him having a flutter somehow but maybe part of the appeal for Stephen would be the extra personal touch here...

There are more secrets to be found in there I'm sure so I'll keep looking and let you know....

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