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What does blue taste like ?

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but I have occasionally worked in colour. Very occasionally - I only actually have one painting left. This is it 😀

In the same way people who work in pencil understand compulsive hand washing ( nothing like a nice big fingerprint in the middle of a fluffy white cloud for example), there are some universal truths among painters too.

One such truth is that no matter what colour paints you have been using, when you accidentally take a swig of the paint water instead of your coffee, it invariably tastes of blue. This causes non artists to enquire what blue tastes like. There are two possible answers, one being 'well, blue', the other of course is 'paint water'. 

When not tasting colours, I like to use paint from tubes rather than pans as I find it easier to mix the desired consistency. I also like to use synthetic brushes as the firmer bristles work well for detail and I don't destroy them nearly as quickly.

One tip I will pass on, should you be tempted to have a bash yourself, is to have a scrap of whatever paper you are using to hand. Because art papers are not the snowy white of most palettes, your colours will look a little different. Testing on a sample of paper first gives you another chance to make any adjustments to the mix before you commit. Also, try not to drink the paint water, it's really not good for you 😀

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