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Murder !

This has been a fun week with the launch of a new exhibition featuring my crows. Or rather, a lot of one crow. After a video hiccup resulted in my posting a photo of two versions of the same crow, I got to wondering what a whole murder of crows would look like. One whirlwind Kickstarter later, I have the backing to do a show based on the repetition of one image repeated over and over again.

Because each crow is hand drawn, no two will be exactly the same. The feathers may be in a slightly different position, the claws more open or curled in. It's a demonstration of the unique nature of any original work and I'm very excited to see them all together. Each crow is framed in a six inch square oak frame to give the drawings maximum impact.

While I am talking with venues and arranging the show itself, there is still a little time for anyone not familiar with Kickstarter or who just missed the deadline to purchase some of the limited edition rewards .

Thank you to everyone who has got involved so far, now for the exciting bit. When I have drawn all the crows, I am adding a digital gallery to the site so everyone can see what we did together - murder ! 

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