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What do monsters do all day ?

This year is a special one here at monster hq - after much planning and a good deal of swearing, the book is out, other jobs are being caught up on and thoughts are turning to autumn, our favourite time of year what with the fog, the extra darkness and all that. There are at least 3 of the regulars patiently waiting just next door for me to work with them again and I thought it might be fun all round to share some of the collective excitement and general goings on as we limber up ready for monster season proper.

Of course, just because I've decided to do something doesn't mean the monsters will cooperate 100% of the time. Frankly I'd be amazed if they turned up half the time as much like those who's job it is to capture the daily lives of other critters, I spend an astounding amount of time waiting for things to turn up, getting there just in time to see the arse end of something disappearing round a corner or giving up and getting into bed just as all hell breaks loose. To describe some of those experiences too, I have the help of some desk models and a fondness for old school stop motion to bring you dramatic reenactments such as the one below (filmed for the book project).

If all of this once every week or so sounds like an excellent way of avoiding doing something yourself, please follow along - you can subscribe at the bottom of the page under the comments section. I will share actual work as I manage to get things done, starting with the concept sketches, research drawings and final layouts along with a discussion of how I came to know such things as yes, Stephen can stand up and why Mr Thingy spends most of his time in the water with just the top of his head exposed, hippo style...

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