One of my personal favourite stories from the collection, a scarecrow with a twist. I borrowed some of the coat from my own resident scarecrow, Hooty Thing (yes, my house is exactly as you'd imagine) to make the glove for the skeletal stick hand and the keys are from Stephen's personal collection. If you've not encountered him yet, he has his own section of this website. No monsters helped with the drawing, I had to do that bit myself. 


The drawing comes complete with a copy of the story by Sean Walter from Tales in Sombre Tones, a collaborative project. In the story, the scary is a genius loci, a thing of place and guards an old manor house. When a new owner moves in, so does the scarecrow...


Worked in charcoal and Wolff's carbon pencils on Fabriano Artistico extra white paper. It's framed ready to ship in a smart black frame made using recycled materials and with acrylic safety glazing. Drawn area size 12" wide by 18" high, frame size 16" x 22".


Second image shows another original framed.

Rust and Dust original illustration.