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Dear old Mr Thingy, another long time studio monster, here given a makeover to create an ancient stone carving, as part of the Story Bocs project I am co-creating for Tales in Sombre Tones cic. Mr Thingy is himself ancient, a great water horse....thingy, and so when looking for an origin tale for our magical library, he was the perfect iconic monster to include. Despite his massive size and blimmin great teeth he's actually very gentle, enjoys a drink and a bit of a boogie.


Because this piece has been produced as part of a print project, it's shown here unsigned with a sample frame shot but as always, he will arrive signed by myself in a slick black frame and white mount.


Over 37,500 individual marks make up this piece so it has to be my most detailed drawing yet. It had to be done in dots rather than line drawing or blending to get the correct stone texture.


Worked in charcoal pencil on bristol board. 


Framed in flat black with acylic glazing so it is safe to ship, comes with hanging fixtures. Frame size 7" x 6". 

Mr Thingy pict-ish carving, original charcoal drawing

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