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Original charcoal drawing of a graveyard guardian spirit who has built himself a physical form using human and animal bones, with ivy horns. Viewed from behind a cobweb - in each droplet is a tiny reflection of his fox skull face. One of a kind gothic horror illustration.


 I met the Borrower myself in St Patrick's cemetery in London. A genius loci, spirit of place, he felt to me like our traditional graveyard guardians. On entering the cemetery, it was very clear there was something special about it but the longer I stayed, the more oppressive the atmosphere became until I'd feel the need to leave. The first time I visited, it wasn't until I left that I suddenly felt something lift, very much like the sensation when a storm finally breaks. On subsequent visits, I'd take an offering and would find something else left in my garden, which backed onto the cemetery, the next day. 


He comes complete with a copy of the story by Sean Walter who weaves his own new tale around the Borrower, from Tales in Sombre Tones -signed editions are also available if you'd like the whole book.


Worked in charcoal and Wolff's carbon pencils on Fabriano Artistico extra white paper. It's framed ready to ship in a smart black frame made using recycled materials and with acrylic safety glazing. Drawn area size 12" wide by 18" high, frame size 16" x 22".

Graveyard guardian charcoal drawing 'The Borrower', original gothic art

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