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This one was a challenge as I had to describe the creation of an alternate reality. That's rather an abstract subject so there was some head scratching for a bit until I can up with a mechanism for showing a time slip. To do this, I invested a whole quid on some apples (edible props again) and used a sheet of acrylic to give me a reflection so I could show the fruit in three states at once - whole, consumed and the ghost of an apple. I managed to get the whole thing into one shot so I then just had to bring the best out of it with charcoal. 


Additional images show the work in progress and the final image, a sample illustration framed (the little figure in the bottom corner of the frame not included, that's the original Catmonkey who will be continuing his reign of terror from here). 


The drawing comes complete with a copy of the story by Sean Walter. 


Worked in charcoal and Wolff's carbon pencils on Fabriano Artistico extra white paper. It's framed ready to ship in a smart black frame made using recycled materials and with acrylic safety glazing. Drawn area size 12" wide by 18" high, frame size 16" x 22".

The Warmth of Illusion original illustration

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