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Catmonkey and other creatures

This year I am taking on the biggest single project I've ever done in the form of a fully illustrated horror anthology with author Sean Walter. Not content with producing a gorgeous story book, we are planning an epic tour involving animation, the original art of course, readings by Sean and interpretations of the work for the hard of hearing and those with visual impairments.

We've enlisted the help of other creatives and experts to help us with the more technical aspects such as creating 3d versions of the main illustrations - 24 in total - to provide a more tactile, immersive experience for everyone. That in itself is an epic undertaking - Catmonkey for example has shadows in the centre as I lit the original figure from both sides. For sighted people, it's easy to understand that he is still a rounded object but to explain him to someone encountering him by touch, Mike from Mik3Ddesigns has had to edit the image file to fill those areas in while keeping the texture on the edges so we still have contrast. All of this is work in progress but it's fantastic to start seeing it all becoming real.

Catmonkey original charcoal drawing

Tales In Sombre Tones should be out later this year - the tour will be a little longer to make sure we have all of these additional elements perfect too but it will be an amazing, unique experience and we can't wait ! We have created an event site for the project which you can visit here and keep up with the latest news.

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