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Courting Crows - found 'em :)

Charcoal pencil drawing of a carrion crow bird by Drawing in Dark
Adult carrion crow (original drawing, sold)

Back in August, I started a new project, studying the local corvid species for a series of drawings and prints. It's been fascinating and turned up a few surprises. Last time I did a project like this, almost all the resulting images were of rooks and jackdaws, very few actual crows.

Charcoal pencil drawing of a young carrion crow, by Drawing in Dark
Juvenile carrion crow drawing (available to buy in the crows section of my shop).

This time I am on the North Yorkshire coast instead of Cornwall and the bulk of the birds are carrion crows. They are what people tend to think of when they think 'crow' - glossy black feathers in the adults, softer plumage in the yearlings and one of the larger corvid species.

Original charcoal pencil drawing of a carrion crow bird perched on a England Coast path sign, by Drawing in Dark
Crow sat on a coast path sign (original drawing available to buy in the crows section of my shop).

All of these are drawings taken from my own photographs, I much prefer to work with subjects I know and it was lovely to be drawing birds I watched for a couple of days, getting to know different characters and studying the group behaviour.

All of the new crow artwork - these 3 and 30 mini drawings, will be on display at The Whitby Bookshop from the 19th to the 21st of November, then I'll be adding a virtual gallery on here along with more posts about my adventures with the crows.

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