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Gothic greetings

Since the shops are opening back up and things are starting to get back to whatever normal really means, I decided to get on and complete some product ranges I started a while back - starting with the skull and bat lines.

I had t-shirts and totes screen printed years ago and they are still some of my best sellers, but I was having a job getting a good result with a flat black finish in printed paper goods. Not even the company that do my gorgeous fine art prints could do it as card printing is a completely different setup. I am however delighted to say that I've found someone who has cracked it and at long last, I have affordable, postable mini prints for sale! I have some fancier art prints of these at full size on the go too for those who have the love for the originals but not the budget. They should be in next week.

While I was at it, I got four more Tales in Sombre Tones cards done including a set of illustrations with black backgrounds that I felt worked well together. I'm having t-shirts and totes done of these to add to the collection - with luck they will be landing at monster hq in a day or two. It's all very exciting even if I can't move for boxes currently. Partly because cards are one of the few things it's possible for a small studio to wholesale effectively, which means I can get these out to bookshops and indie stores which is a very effective way of getting my brand known. Cards are great for that - they get sent to new people, displayed on the mantlepiece, framed and hung on the wall. Plus I can fit a sensible quantity in my limited cupboard space :) To get some of these beauties for yourself just click on the pictures.

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