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Lots of things shown love in this dramatic charcoal drawing of a monstrous tree I've produced as part of the Story Bocs project I am co-creating for Tales in Sombre Tones cic. The tree itself is an adaptation of one of my favourite trees, a fabulous twisted beech in Cornwall, that I met when I lived there. Beech are where our earliest books came from and people still write on their bark - though I don't recommend carving your name on living trees as many have done, that scars them. I chose this tree to represent a sacred grove and added in some monster features - there's a familiar face in there and other bodily bits and bobs :) 


Because this piece has been produced as part of a print project, it's shown here unsigned with a sample frame shot but as always, it will arrive signed by myself in a slick black frame with white mount.


Worked in charcoal pencil on bristol board. 


Framed in flat black with acylic glazing so it is safe to ship, comes with hanging fixtures. Frame size 7" x 5". 

Murkside monster tree, original charcoal pencil drawing

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