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Crossing the eyes and dotting the t's.

Today's post is brought to you by some of Poundland's finest reading glasses, an upcoming appointment with an optometrist and a good deal of swearing. To my great annoyance, I am not in fact twenty any more and am having increasing difficulty focusing on fine detail when my eyes are tired - which given the work I do, is something of an inconvenience. I've done so much squinting at stuff this week, everything has gone fuzzy and so the planned video of drawing I was going to share with you has had to be put off until next week. I'd even sharpened all the pencils, look.

That's how many pencils I get through doing the little drawing videos I share by the way - I generally stop when I've run out of points.

When I've finished this post I'm going to shut the laptop down and go give the sea a good staring at, possibly followed by a pint. Before I wander off, I would like to take a moment since we're here, to announce an upcoming opportunity to get your mitts on some of the original reference drawings I've accumulated over the years.

While I was digging out the bits I needed to carry on with the prep for the monsters, I found myself looking at quite a pile of interesting bits and pieces - too nice to throw away but no longer necessary to keep, because the figuring out has been done and I have copies for reference should I need them. In a few weeks, when the summer fades and we get the first breath of crisp autumn air, I'm going to do a quick pop-up on Kickstarter (just because it's a handy place to run that sort of thing) offering these scribblings. They'll be sold as is, crumpled bits, fingerprints and all, at fixed prices for sizes and I'll pick pieces at random to make it fair. Proceeds, assuming people want them, will go to rebuilding my big easel which I finally destroyed working on the book, and other bits of kit necessary for work.

Oh, and one final thing before I go look at something more than two feet away, Wix have now enabled commenting on blog posts without the need to sign in. So, if you'd like to complain about your own not being twenty any more problems, or rub in that you are in fact twenty and be hated by the rest of us, feel free to do so in the new comments section below.



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